Hodge Wood is the recipient of the Military Writers 2008 President's Award

"The President’s Award for Extraordinary Contributions this year went to Hodge Wood. This award is given out to an MWSA author member who not only served his country in time of need but also continued to do so in their private lives. Since 1977, Hodge has dealt with a tremendous physical disability due to a horrific automobile accident. He not only went on to become a self-sufficient person once more but also created programs to help others do the same.  He raised hundreds of thousands of dollars through his grant writing to re-establish services for an Independent Living Center that gained “Exemplary Status” by the Rehabilitation Services Administration." ~ Tony Lazzarini, President of MWSA 

"Chum Water is an absolutely mesmerizing account of a man losing his life as he knew it only to become a whole man through learning how to live again after a tragic spinal cord injury and paralysis." - Sharon Sanderson, MPH, OTR/L, FAOTA, Professor Emeritus, Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center, and President, Oklahoma Occupational Therapy Association * "Inspiring, funny and charming, Chum Water is the story of how Hodge tackled disability, medical setbacks and love with a joy and intensity that puts the rest of us to shame." - Joyce Faulkner, Author of "In the Shadow of Suribachi" * " Chum Water is a beautiful, fascinating and, at times, humorous portrayal of Hodge’s uncanny fortitude to escape total dependency on others." - Lloyd A.King, Author of "From Nam with Love" * "Lloyd A. King, award-winning author of, “From ‘Nam With Love - An Infantry Soldier’s Vietnam” … poetic war stories about combat. * "Hodge is the most positive individual that I know and I have to believe that this attitude played a major role in his recovery. He has the rare knack of making you feel that you are worth a zillion bucks. The world would be a much better place if there were more folks like Hodge!" ~Russ Tribble  MCHS BOMBER Football Teammate, Arkansas Razorbacks 1975 SWC Champs, College/HS Football Coach * "I highly recommend this book to anyone who has had a ‘crisis’ in his life.  So that through Hodge’s example, we will know that God exists and has a purpose for each of us." ~ John Powers Clemons, M.D., Midwest Regional Medical Center, Midwest City, Oklahoma  * In his struggles for survival, Hodge experiences the worst and the best of the VA health care system.  As he navigates the system, he is stripped of his dignity and self respect until a PA becomes aware of his situation and takes charge." - Eddie Beesley Author of "Lucky Enough" * "As a quadriplegic myself, Hodge’s book gives the reader a glimpse into the life of someone whose life has been battered but not beaten." - Bill Kokendoffer, President, Mid America Chapter, Paralyzed Veterans of America  * "I loved every bit of it…even the painful parts.  I experienced every emotion one could have – sadness, empathy, joy, laughter, anger - and could relate to so much because those were my times too!" ~Janet Eskridge, Registered Physical Therapist * "My heart swells with pride and admiration for him as I read his brilliant and amazing tale of how he met his demons and conquered them through sheer strength, belief in himself and his faith in God." ~ Jeanette Winkcompleck Clemons, MA CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathologist, Midwest Regional Medical Center, Midwest City, Oklahoma  

Winner of the 2008 Military Writers Society of America

Silver Medal

for A Memoir

ISBN:  978-0-9785158-6-7

Pages:  192


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What People are saying about "Chum Water"!


"My workouts focused on what it would take to water ski. It had been over two years since I topped the water. Getting bashed against concrete and receiving a permanent blow to a spinal cord isn’t a yank on a hangnail. I needed over two years of nursing. It ran against the grain of my defiant nature for that much help to be necessary. An instinctive light came on in my head indicating that the time for nursing was over. I could cowboy up and ride away—and the fish would school again. As I always did when my actions were proper and common sense dictated, prayer guided the transition. God’s control galvanized me." ~ Hodge Wood

What People are saying about "Chum Water"!


What People are saying about "Chum Water"!



What People are saying about "Chum Water"!


  • Adapting lifestyle with a permanent injury

  • The right attitude to survive

  • Positive adjustments to beat disability

  • From critical injury to success

  • Reasons for treatment error and patient abuse

  • Grading health care from a patient's perspective

  • Sports and recreation after a permanent, disabling injury

  • Traits of a dedicated health care professional

  • Lifelong management of pain and spasticity from SCI - a behind the scenes report

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What People are saying about "Chum Water"!



What People are saying about "Chum Water"!


Mr. Wood's beloved Oklahoma Sooners

My Friend Detinu by Dalton Wood (Page 6)

Mid-America Chapter of Paralyzed Veterans of America

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The Branson Bugle

Joyce Faulkner

Pat McGrath Avery

Eddie Beesley

For Shrieking Out Loud

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What People are saying about "Chum Water"!


Hodge shares the extraordinary details of his four year recovery from critical injury and total paralysis in Chum Water, the first book in the Sharks on Wounded Fish series. Initially hospitalized six months with air medevac out of state, a genuine fish out-of-water still hopes to swim again.  In this behind-the-scenes chronicle, a private journey from survival to success climaxes as Hodge returns to new work as a therapist assisting others with spinal cord injury.  Life forever changes but dreams come true when Hodge water skis once more - with residual paralysis.  Flash back to the seventies in Chum Water and be inspired when worst turns best as a street survivor becomes a career occupational therapist.  Using surrealistic adventures and self-deprecating humor, Hodge provides the reader with breathtaking insights into the healthcare system - from the unique perspective of a patient and a healthcare provider.


What People are saying about "Chum Water"!



“Sharks on Wounded Fish:  Chum Water”

By Hodge Wood

River Road Press – 2007 - $16.95

ISBN:  978-0-9785158-6-7

Reviewed by Claudia Pemberton, MWSA

Hodge Wood’s “Sharks on Wounded Fish:  Chum Water” is an absolutely riveting read.  Although completely non-fiction, it captures and holds the readers interest as surely as if it were an engrossing novel of mystery and intrigue.

Wood grabs the reader from the very first pages with his unique voice and flair for humor, and masterfully maintains that flow throughout.  His plotting and writing skills makes reading his work a pleasure.  

I knew from reading the back cover and the introductory pages that the book was about an incredibly debilitating accident that left Hodge paralyzed, so I expected a heart-wrenching account of the fateful day that ended life as he knew it forever.  I wasn’t disappointed, but I was surprised.   The picture-painting detail and sometimes humorous way that Wood tackled a very dire and sober subject was completely unexpected, and totally appreciated.  The open and honest way that he relays the experience of his ordeal allows the reader to become a part of (and actually feel) everything that he felt and endured.  I found myself terrified during his description of the accident that broke his neck, and  completely outraged by the inept and cruel way that he was treated by some of the health care professionals that were sworn to provide quality patient care and compassion. 

Throughout his ordeal, Hodge lost everything but his faith … his faith in God and in himself.  His story is an incredible tale of strength and perseverance.  His passion for life drove him not only to push his battered body beyond its physical limits, but to thrive in his quest for a career, and a fulfilling personal life.

Wood is a master storyteller and I look very forward to reading his works to follow.  I will enthusiastically recommend “Chum Water” to my family and friends. 

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What People are saying about "Chum Water"!




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What People are saying about "Chum Water"!



  •  Hodge will present October 5th at the Oklahoma Occupational Therapy Association Annual Conference 2008. His presentation is entitled, "Grading health care and adapting lifestyle with permanent injury: an aging patient / career OT provider's perspective"

  • September 15, 2008 -- Hodge recieves MWSA Presidential Award & "Chum Water" wins the MWSA 2008 Silver Medal for a Memoir.






 What People are saying about "Chum Water"!


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