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  • "With Hodge’s calm, stoic demeanor, it’s hard to imagine all that this young man went through to become the role model that he is today.  Truth is stranger than fiction, which is clearly demonstrated in Chum Water.   Can’t wait for the sequel." ~ Sharon Sanderson, MPH, OTR/L, FAOTA, Professor Emeritus, Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center, and President, Oklahoma Occupational Therapy Association

  • "Hodge Wood was a handsome young man with a passion for football, water skiing and beautiful women when an accident changed his life forever.  Inspiring, funny and charming, Chum Water is the story of how Hodge tackled disability, medical setbacks and love with a joy and intensity that puts the rest of us to shame.  A fantastic read!" ~ Joyce Faulkner, Author of "In the Shadow of Suribachi"

  • “Hodge Wood’s book, Chum Water, can only be described as an incredible and riveting account of a young man who, at the peak of his physical ability, faced life-altering adversities and survival following a tragic vehicle accident that damaged his spinal cord and left him paralyzed.  Chum Water is a beautiful, fascinating and, at times, humorous portrayal of Hodge’s uncanny fortitude to escape total dependency on others through conquering disabilities in his ‘new life’ and becoming an occupational therapist dedicated to helping and giving hope to others.  A must read for everyone!” ~ Lloyd A. King, award-winning author of, “From ‘Nam With Love - An Infantry Soldier’s Vietnam” … poetic war stories about combat. 

  • "Chum Water is a contemporary masterpiece.  Hodge has been my friend since we wrestled together each weighing 60 pounds.  His life story with its ups and downs makes you laugh, cry, squirm and applaud.  Obviously, this is a common man with uncommon problems, yet the intestinal fortitude to slay the dragons in his path.  When the neurosurgeon said you will never walk again, Hodge had a choice to make.  He chose to ignore the negativity of his life and realize that God had something more important for him...I highly recommend this book to anyone who has had a ‘crisis’ in his life.  So that through Hodge’s example, we will know that God exists and has a purpose for each of us." ~ John Powers Clemons, M.D., Midwest Regional Medical Center, Midwest City, Oklahoma

  • "BRAVO!!! Great Story. I knew the Big Picture, but now that I know the details, I am certainly impressed. I always felt that if anyone could recover from such a devastating injury, it is Hodge Wood.  Hodge is the most positive individual that I know and I have to believe that this attitude played a major role in his recovery. He has the rare knack of making you feel that you are worth a zillion bucks. The world would be a much better place if there were more folks like Hodge!" ~Russ Tribble  MCHS BOMBER Football Teammate, Arkansas Razorbacks 1975 SWC Champs, College/HS Football Coach

  •  "Chum Water is an intriguing  story of a young man at the peak of physical prowess who is involved in an accident that leaves him totally helpless and completely at the mercy of others.  In his struggles for survival, Hodge experiences the worst and the best of the VA health care system.  As he navigates the system, he is stripped of his dignity and self respect until a PA becomes aware of his situation and takes charge.  Through the care and friendship of Mike Kuns -- and the courage and determination of Hodge himself, we see a life transformed from one of complete helplessness to one who would become an occupational therapist and devote his life to giving help and hope to others." ~ Eddie R. Beesley, Author of Lucky Enough

  • "Amazing!  I couldn't put it down!  A journey through spiritual, physical and mental rehabilitation and growth.  I loved every bit of it…even the painful parts.  I experienced every emotion one could have – sadness, empathy, joy, laughter, anger - and could relate to so much because those were my times too!" ~Janet Eskridge, Registered Physical Therapist

  • "I have read Hodge Wood’s book Chum Water with much interest.  As a quadriplegic myself, Hodge’s book gives the reader a glimpse into the life of someone whose life has been battered but not beaten.  Someone who was independent and at one time thought of themselves as 10 feet tall and bulletproof, but now has to rely on others.  Someone though disabled, not unable.  Someone, whose life has been changed 180 degrees, but still has, hopes and dreams, never stop hoping, and never stop dreaming.  To sum up my view and to interject a couple of quotes is “where there’s a will there is a way” and “I have a dream”. ~ Bill Kokendoffer, President, Mid America Chapter, Paralyzed Veterans of America

  • "Chum Water is an absolutely mesmerizing account of a man losing his life as he knew it only to become a whole man through learning how to live again after a tragic spinal cord injury and paralysis.  As a speech-language pathologist working in a rehab setting for over 30 years, Hodge’s story of courage and determination touched me to the depths of my soul.  I will never treat another patient quite the same again.  Knowing Hodge in our early formative years through high school and keeping in touch briefly through the years, I had no idea the challenges he faced.  My heart swells with pride and admiration for him as I read his brilliant and amazing tale of how he met his demons and conquered them through sheer strength, belief in himself and his faith in God." ~ Jeanette Winkcompleck Clemons, MA CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathologist, Midwest Regional Medical Center, Midwest City, Oklahoma


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